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Publishing journals just got smarter, better, and faster. Dive into mon'k Journals, your smart hub for seamless publishing and aggregation. Manage multiple journals easily from a single portal using our self-service back office. Streamlined workflows empower you to handle institutions and various user types while customizing pricing, enhancing user engagement with online study tools, and ensuring secure content delivery. This game-changing solution redefines how you can publish, manage, and distribute journals. It is your key to creating an immersive, intuitive, and secure journal publishing experience.

Advanced Publishing with
mon’k Journals

Experience expanded reach, actionable insights, and centralized control for publishing excellence.

Multiple Hosting

Precision in hosting and customizing numerous journals.

Multi-format Content Support

Effortless support for various content formats from PDFs to JATS xml.

Centralized Management

Efficiently manage multiple portals with support for multi-languages.

Flexible User Access Management

Define access rights for various user types and organizations.

Advanced Subscription Control

Easily manage subscriptions, pricing, and discounts.

Remote Access

Allow access to content from any location outside the institution.

Insightful Reporting

Access actionable insights with industry-standard reporting tools.

Enhanced User Experience

Organized journal hierarchies for a rich user experience.

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